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When you need the experts' help in cleaning your home's attic or crawl space, rodent proofing, decontamination and more, our team should be your number one choice. Check out some of our latest projects below to see why local customers are so happy with our service!

Attic Air Sealing in Burbank | Attic Cleaning Burbank

Attic Air Sealing

Customer Issue: The customers were having issues with hot and cold drafts coming from upstairs.
Our Solution: The attic floorboards all came off, and the space beneath them got an even coating of insulation foam, with rubber sealant in all the visible cracks. After patching up a few wall seams as well to keep the attic itself better protected, our last task was to return and reorganize the attic’s contents.

Kenomun Gordina - Burbank
Attic Cleaning in Glendale | Attic Cleaning Burbank

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Like most of us Mr. Keroua didn’t have the time to go through his overfull attic or the spinal integrity.
Our Solution: Our first hour was spent clearing the attic and making room for everything in the hallway below. Then came the dusting, scrubbing, sweeping, and patching up a few bits of old insulation, before returning all the contents to the attic and reorganizing it.

Bacon Keroua - Glendale
Rodent Proofing Project | Attic Cleaning Burbank, CA

Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Rodents in the attic.
Our Solution: We first inspected the exterior of the house to identify potential entry points to the attic. Once found, all the existing entry points were repaired and sealed with the appropriate material, and every possible nook inside the attic was completely filled.

Andy Madden - La Cañada Flintridge
Attic Cleaning Project | Attic Cleaning Burbank, CA

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Dirty attic.
Our Solution: Since the customer's attic hasn’t been touched for more than ten years, everything was covered with extensive amounts of dust and debris, but there were no traces of animal infestation. We carefully cleaned the entire area including the stored boxes and made sure the customer was entirely satisfied with our work.

Albert Hood - Burbank
Spray Foam Insulation | Attic Cleaning Burbank, CA

Spray Foam Insulation

Customer Issue: Needed insulation added to a new section of his remodeled attic.
Our Solution: Our team cleaned up and removed all debris and other trash left by the construction workers. Then we sealed all the air gaps and installed the spray foam insulation. The customer immediately noticed a difference in the home's temperature.

Arianna Ramon - Burbank
Radiant Barrier Installation | Attic Cleaning Burbank, CA

Radiant Barrier Installation

Customer Issue: Needed extra heat protection from the afternoon sun.
Our Solution: We evaluated the home to find key energy leaks and sealed the problematic areas. Then, we applied a complete radiant barrier and some additional insulation. The customer is very happy with the results.

Soren Forrest - Glendale
Commercial Attic Insulation | Attic Cleaning Burbank, CA

Commercial Attic Insulation

Customer Issue: Needed replacement insulation after a storm.
Our Solution: Our team installed batt insulation as requested by the customer, closed and sealed up the opening and all air gaps, and installed a radiant barrier. We are the residential and commercial professionals in Burbank for any attic-related project.

Joseph Stallings - Burbank

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