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Pros And Cons Of Mineral Wool


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Pros And Cons Of Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool | Attic Cleaning Burbank, CA

What Is Mineral Wool?

Mineral wool insulation is similar to fiberglass, but it's made with different substances instead of glass, including basalt stone and recycled materials from steel mills. So, what are its advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other types of insulation?

Pros: Fire And Sound Resistant!

While fiberglass is known to resist fire, mineral wool is a step above. It won't burn until extremely high temperatures are reached, and in fact can act as a barrier against fire that will slow it down so your attic won't burn as quickly. It may even give first responders more of a chance to take care of it faster, depending on where the fire began. Along with that, if you're looking to soundproof your attic better than most types of insulation provide, this is an excellent choice. It creates a far better sound barricade than fiberglass or otherwise, because it's denser than these other materials.

Pros: Doesn't Retain Moisture!

Unlike most other types of insulation, this type doesn't absorb moisture that can damage it, as well as other parts of your attic. This means that mold or mildew won't be able to grow and spread from it either, which is a risk with fiberglass and cellulose. Even better, if it does get wet, you won't need to replace it! The same is not true for the other kinds, as they're rendered useless from water damage.

Pros: Easy & Insects Avoid It!

This type of insulation is simple to press into place, and usually doesn't even require staples or wood coverings to keep it from falling out. It can also be marked and even carved into thanks to its make up, so it's fairly straightforward to cut it into the proper size and put it in. Thanks to the material that it's made from, bugs will be harmed it they attempt to gnaw into mineral wool. They'll leave it alone, which means you won't have to worry about them getting in or harming the integrity.

Cons: DIY Installation is Dangerous!

Unfortunately, as is true with most types of insulation, mineral wool can be extremely dangerous if proper gear isn't worn to put it in. Small shards of material can not only embed into skin and cause itchiness, but if it gets into the lungs it can be extremely hazardous. For that reason, it shouldn’t be handled by amateurs under no circumstances.


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